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Who We Are

We are Fighting for freedom

Our mission is to end child sex slavery.

We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to eliminate the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in Tennessee and provide safe environments to foster hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

Statistics cannot define slavery.


Is the Average Number

of reported children sold for sex online in Tennessee each month. 


Is the Average age

a child becomes a victim of DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking).

$99+ Billion

reported annual revenue

internationally for sex trafficking.

29.3 Million

reports of online sexual exploitation

of children in 2021.


of trafficking victims

are exploited in their own country of residence.

These numbers may get your attention; however, they don’t tell the full story.
Modern-day slavery is a dark and hidden act, an act that often goes undetected and unreported.
The statistics available are based only on cases that have been identified and reported.


We are followers of Jesus Christ and express the Biblical mandate to care for the broken, the oppressed and the orphan. The full expression of our statement of faith is articulated in The Lausanne Covenant. 

It is the responsibility of the church and all believers to speak up and fight for those who cannot do so for themselves.

All children are significantly valued and loved by God, and Jesus Christ is the only One who can heal and restore.

The source and demand, pornography and sex addiction, must be eliminated to see an end to child sexual exploitation.

The fight against DMST begins with bringing awareness to the issue within our churches, community, and schools.
Because of this, we work to equip them with tools to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Children must be provided a safe place in order to heal and find hope again.

Our Team

Emily Scheuneman​

board Chair

Darla Sparks

Senior director of OPERATIONS

Amy McAmis

Senior Director of Strategy

Lisa Ivy

director of Prevention Education

Callie Holland

Creative Specialist

Alissa Steffa

Finance Coordinator

Stevie Zavels

Communications coordinator

Kirby Daniel

Community Relations Coordinator

Board of Directors

Emily Scheuneman

board chair

Knox County District Attorney General’s Office

Adam Rust


Lewis Thomason P.C.

Jack Davidson

BOARD Treasurer

Chief Strategy Officer
The Trust Company of Tennessee

Jennifer Eppley

board member


Shawn Felkley

board member

Chief People Officer
Saratoga Group

Ted Francisco

board member

Retired Criminal Investigator/Special Agent
Dept. of Homeland Security

Wade McNair

board member

Senior Director of Data Strategy


Lisa Hardin

board member

Garland Oaks Advisory

Council Chairperson


human trafficking hotlines

National Hotline

Tennessee Hotline

BeFree Textline
Text HELP to BEFREE (233733)

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