Teach Me Prevention Campaign

Project POST was created to aid in stopping sexual exploitation before it begins. This training is a video series for youth, that includes a discussion guide, as well as, curriculum which can be used in the classroom setting. Project POST covers information on internet safety (i.e. hidden apps, chatrooms, sexting, permanence of what is placed on the internet, etc.), grooming, predators and victims, as well as training on what DMST is and how it begins. When completed, youth will be able to recognize signs of sexual exploitation and DMST, and will be aware of the dangers of participating in risky behaviors that could lead to them being targeted or lured into exploitation.

Modern day slavery is still happening in our world today. You and I have the power to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. This campaign supports equipping the youth in our school systems to recognize signs of sexual exploitation and DMST and how to be safe when using the internet. Together, we can work to prevent child sexual exploitation from ever happening!




Supporting ONE student cost less than:

a Medium Iced Coffee

a Chick Fil A Sandwich

a McDonalds Happy Meal

a Gallon of Milk

a Single Car Wash

5 Postage Stamps

a Little Caesar’s Pizza

a Bag of Halloween Candy

Gameday Parking

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2041. That is the number of students that Street Hope TN has reached since the launch of Project POST in the 2018 school year. Project POST was created to aid in stopping sexual exploitation before it begins.

Sexting can have serious consequences for students because those images can be considered child porn. Help us to teach students about the consequences sexting through our internet safety curriculum and stand up against the spread of child pornography.

This means that somebody took that content posted by students and put it on other internet sites. Your contribution to this campaign will help us to teach students that what they put online and send online becomes PUBLIC AND PERMANENT from the moment it is posted.

Many parents feel overwhelmed when trying to keep up with all the things that kids are doing online these days. Fortunately, there are some great resources out there to help parents with this difficult task. These are all great ways to stay informed on the popular apps that students are using.

Help us teach students what predators are looking for and how they can avoid becoming victims of online exploitation.

You can help us teach students that talking to anyone online they DO NOT KNOW is extremely risky and can lead them into a dangerous situation.

Our Prevention program allows us to equip students, teachers and parents on internet safety. This is vital information for parents and teachers, as they will be able to recognize signs of exploitation and trafficking, and know what to do when they identify it.

FALSE! FALSE! FALSE! Pictures on Snapchat do NOT disappear after 10 seconds or even 24 hours. In fact, they never disappear. Anything that is put online becomes PUBLIC AND PERMANENT from the moment it is posted. If you use Snapchat (or any other social media app), make sure that you are ok with your pictures being out there forever before you hit send.


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