Where do we even start to fight sex trafficking? We know the questions are BIG, but we are passionate about where the fight begins.

Fighting DMST begins on our knees.

We believe prayer is a powerful tool in fighting DMST (James 5:13-18). If you’re wondering how you can make a difference, prayer is the first action step to take. We've created prayer guides that are meant to inform and inspire your times of prayer, helping you do battle on behalf of those touched by DMST. We consider all those affected as we pray: victims, buyers, pimps, law enforcement, government officials, and communities.

Prayer Guides & Resources


Street Hope TN Prayer Team

Street Hope TN has a dedicated and diverse group of believers who gather together once a month to pray for the victims of DMST, our communities, the perpetrators, the law enforcement officers who respond to human trafficking and sexual exploitation cases, the law makers who create laws to support the counter trafficking movement, and so much more. We meet once a month at 7:00 pm at West Park Baptist Church.