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Every new chapter is built on the memories of the last. 

These memories serve as Ebenezers, set in place to remember all God has done and as a testament to all He will do.

We look to the past with gratitude, but we look to the future with expectation.

We confidently step into this new season, this new year, knowing there is more for us – more for those impacted by DMST. Not the more defined by human limitations, but the more promised by an eternal God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. (Ephesians 3:20) 

He sustains our efforts with His power. 

He directs our steps with His wisdom.

He holds every outcome in His hands.

 And it’s always more – always better – than we plan, dream, pray for or imagine. Always. 

There is always more. For us, for those we haven’t met yet, but who our work will impact. We’re claiming that promise as we plan with hopeful expectation, knowing our best laid plans are better in His hands.  

We’re running toward the more – will you run with us?

Take a look at our Executive Director job and also stay up to date with us on this exciting new season. 

Our Transition Team

Emily Scheuneman

Emily Scheuneman will serve alongside Amy McAmis and Darla Sparks to lead Street Hope through this season. Emily has over 15 years of experience in public relations for nonprofit, public and private sectors. She has served on Street Hope’s Board for five years.

Amy McAmis

Amy McAmis is the Senior Director of Strategy and was responsible for the ideation, execution and completion of Garland Oaks. She’s served with Street Hope for five years.

Darla Sparks

Darla Sparks is our Senior Director of Operations oversees all of the Street Hope inner-workings and has been with us for over three years.

We’re available to answer any questions you might have!

Devin A. Payne

Former Executive Director

Dear Street Hope TN Friends & Family,

For me, the close of every year feels like an invitation to look back on the moments – both monumental and mundane – that God used to shape me, my family, my community and Street Hope.

I can trace how every decision – both personally and professionally – was first met with specific, genuine prayers for wisdom and discernment. Many of you partnered with us in those prayers.

No move was or is made without a move of God. 

After months of prayer, we’ve made the decision, as a family, that this season requires more of me at home. And that’s something I’m beyond willing to give in these precious early years with my kids. Believe me when I say, nothing about this decision was easy to navigate, simply because of my love for the mission and work of Street Hope TN. But God asks for our obedience more than our opinion.

In partnership with our Board of Directors, we’ve decided December 31 will be my last official day as Street Hope TN’s Executive Director.

The growth and momentum Street Hope has experienced is because of a faithful God who has given us an incredible team and Board that are as passionate as ever to carry on the work in 2023. 

Our current board chair Emily Scheuneman, who has served with us since 2017, will lead through this transition, partnering with Darla Sparks (Senior Director of Operations) and Amy McAmis (Senior Director of Strategy).

We’ll officially launch a search for a new Executive Director in the new year. The team will keep you fully updated on the process as we pursue all we know God has for us and the children we get to serve.

Very little will change, because God has equipped Street Hope with such a gifted and talented team, but I have to take a moment to genuinely thank you for the support you’ve shown over the years. It’s what made me excited to come into work each day.

Because of your support and the Lord’s provision, we have worked together, to bring the Light to the darkest corners, to raise a voice for the voiceless and to lift a banner of Hope for the brokenhearted until they are able to hope for themselves. We know God does not put band aids on brokenness. He makes beauty from ashes (Is 61:1-3).

We look back with gratitude for all God has allowed us to be a part of, and we look forward with anticipation because we know the work our God has started is nowhere near completion.

We can’t wait to see what He does next.

With gratitude,

Devin A. Payne


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