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You planted seeds of hope, and now we’re seeing them flourish. Keep up with us to hear more about how her moments of hope are becoming a life of hope as we share a peek into everyday life at Garland Oaks.

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When Kya arrived, she was really uncomfortable with choices. She didn’t have an opinion and would, instead, just let whoever was around decide for her. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen her use her voice. Whether it’s with what activity she wanted to do during free time, what game she wanted to play or what she preferred for a snack. Slowly, a boldness is emerging. She’s learning her thoughts and her opinion matters.

That’s the power of being given a choice.

At Garland Oaks, she’s able to be a kid, to care about things – to have a voice. She’s learning she has value far beyond what she believed.

When Hannah first walked through the doors of Garland Oaks, more than a jacket hung from shoulders. Guilt settled there, too. She’d left siblings behind to come and heal. Every bit of kindness poured out was met with her anger and discomfort. All she believed was rooted in how undeserving she felt.

With time, Hannah’s perspective began to shift. She began to understand her suffering, and instead of avoiding it with anger, she’s being equipped to navigate it with grace.

Now, on her phone calls with family, she’s able to share – without guilt – the ways she is healing. She’s able to share the ways she is hoping again.

And the best part? Hope is contagious. And it’s spreading.




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