30 Days of Prayer – His Purposes
September 23, 2016
30 Days of Prayer – The Peace of Jesus
September 27, 2016

Day Twenty-Six

God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy…. ~Psalm 68:6

God places the lonely in families. What a beautiful promise! Many are familiar with loneliness. Wishing for a friend, family member, or spouse who can provide a warm smile, a comforting hug, a gentle word. Traffickers know that we’re built for relationship and commonly use this to exploit victims. Traffickers may promise friendship, romance, or family but instead supply violence, control and manipulation. Today’s prayer focus is that God will supply a healthy response to a very healthy desire —family!

Prayer focus:

  • Pray that survivors who do not have healthy family relationships or friendships would find them.
  • Healing to family of survivors so that they may one day have reconciliation.
  • Joy for survivors in the freedom that they now have.

~30 Day Prayer Guide, Shared Hope International