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November 24, 2015
Important Announcement from Street Hope
June 27, 2016

At the end of this post, find resources to help you know how to pray effectively for the perpetrators, law enforcement, and those victimized by these crimes. Prayer is not the “only thing” we can do; it’s the most powerful thing we can do and a strong place to start asking God for healing and help to know how to respond. Thank you for joining Street Hope in fighting the injustice of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Dear Partners and Friends of Street Hope,

If you’ve seen the local news these past few days, I know that your heart is as grieved as mine. Last week’s events served as a painful reminder of how prevalent minor sex trafficking is, not just in our country and state, but in our own city as well. We were also reminded that this heinous act knows no specific demographic, and the perpetrators come from all walks of life. We praise God for the justice that was served over these last days, and we praise Him for the tireless work of state and local law enforcement to identify victims of trafficking and get these perpetrators off the streets.

Street Hope is committed to the fight against minor sex trafficking and will remain committed until all children are free from this modern-day slavery. We will continue to fight to the end until all demand has been erased, and all perpetrators are off the streets or restored by our Lord Jesus Christ.

I ask you to pray with me for our law enforcement that is engaged on the front lines of this battle. And, I ask you to pray with me for the precious children that are enduring this atrocious nightmare each day.

In His Service,

Christy Kampf

Arrests in Knoxville

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