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June 3, 2015
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October 14, 2015

Street Hope cares about Truckstops and Trafficking. You can read 10 reasons why truckstops are a great marketplace for trafficking here.  This summer we provided a tool to help you pray about trafficking as you travel. But the transportation industry deserves extra attention when it comes to fighting the buying and selling of our kids.  Why is the commercial sexual exploitation of our children so convenient for truck drivers?

The same infrastructure that makes TN a great landscape for travel makes it a great landscape for trafficking.

  • Tennessee has 95,523 miles of highway.
  • We have over 1,100 miles of Interstate highway miles.
  • There are 14 Welcome Centers in TN.
  • We have 10 truck weigh stations.
  • 18 interstate rest areas are scattered across TN.
  • ” There are 28 transit systems serving all 95 counties of TN: four large urban systems, eight small urban systems, 10 rural systems, one regional commuter transit system in Middle Tennessee, and local transit in five towns.”*

Excellent structures of transportation make Tennessee a great place to travel and do business. That also makes our home state an easy environment for the business of trafficking our kids.

This month, Street Hope focused our prayer emphasis on the the needs of truck drivers. Stress and strain in the transportation industry make this group of men and women easy targets for exploiters looking to cultivate new customers. On Tuesday, July 21st, we gathered at the Watt Rd. Travel America Truckstop, because this exit poses one of the biggest trucking support locations in our state. In cooperation with Street Hope church partners and the Transport for Christ and Truckstop Ministries chaplains, we focused on raising  awareness and informed prayer support for those who spend so much time on Tennessee highways.Truckstops and Trafficking

Understanding the challenges of the drivers on our roads helps us know how to pray for them as they pass our car or park beside us as we travel. Download your printable copy of a post card version of Ten Ways to Pray for Truck Drivers.  There’s one for you to keep and 3 for you to share.


Truck Drivers and Sex TraffickingDownload a printable PDF postcard of Ten Ways to Pray for Truck Drivers

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*Source:  TDOT

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