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February 6, 2015
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You have to really care to Run 4 Their Lives when it’s 15 degrees. The morning of Saturday, January 10th would’ve made anyone question if Knoxville qualifies as part of the South. Thankfully, the hearty volunteer spirit rose to the occasion and erased any doubt. Before the sun rose or night lights went out on Market Square, volunteers arrived to set up registration, put equipment in place, and prepare to receive more than 300 participants registered for the second annual Run 4 Their Lives.

Run 4 Their Lives

Our bundled up, dedicated volunteers received runners & walkers on Market Square.

Though KTC reported 23 degrees at race time, a mitten-clad group of runners and walkers assembled. As if to laugh in the face of the frigid temperatures, 50 people registered on the crisp morning of the Race. In the meantime, prayers went out from the chapel above Cafe 4 and worship music drifted out of the Square Room, reminding everyone why we care about freedom from injustice.

Worship Team

The worship team helped everyone keep our reason for running center stage.

Run 4 Their Lives 2015

4 Partners in the Run 4 Their Lives

The Run 4 Their Lives is born out of the partnership of four organizations passionate about combating human trafficking.

Each partner has a unique focus in the fight against modern slavery, making the Run an opportunity for wide ranging awareness. Injustice is represented domestically, internationally, among minors, related to adults, in faith-based settings, and in secular networks. Everything about the Run is under-girded with prayer.

So often we look at the enormous challenges of bringing justice and healing where DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) has sown destruction. We often ask, “What can I do?” out of desperation. It’s a reasonable question that we should ask when confronted with the realities of DMST. For hundreds of runners, walkers, and volunteers around Knoxville, we can start with running, walking, and serving to Run 4 Their Lives!

Run 4 Their Lives